Business Visa 212


Business Visa for Indonesia (index 212)

You should apply for Business visa If you are coming to Bali on the business trip (negotiations with your clients or suppliers, conferences or seminars etc; anything that doesn’t include your actual employment in Bali and receiving paychecks).

To apply for Business visa you need an Indonesian company who will issue an official invitation for you. This company should be officially registered in Indonesia and it will become your Visa Sponsor.

Multiple Entry Business Visa

This type of visa is issued for one year and within this year you are allowed to visit Indonesia
as many times as you want with one limitation: every single visit should not exceed 60 days, after 60 days you are supposed to leave the country before you come back again.

To get business visa you need a letter of invitation from an Indonesian sponsoring company and a special permit | TELEX.

TELEX has to be requested in advance for a specific Consulate or Embassy of Indonesia and must be approved by the Head Office of Immigration Service of Indonesia in Jakarta. Receiving a TELEX from Immigration office in Jakarta will require 10 working days.

Required documents from sponsoring company:

  • Invitation letter from the indonesian company
  • Copy of SIUP
  • Copy of SKTU
  • Copy of TDP
  • Copy of NPWP
  • Copy of ACT NOTARY
  • Copy of ID | KTP direktor
  • Reference details of the sponsoring company
  • The sponsoring company’s letterhead with the seal

Required document from the applicant: a scan copy of the main page of the passport valid 18 months minimum, booking a ticket to Bali and booking a ticket from Bali in 60 days.

*****Our team provide Business Visa support if you don’t have an Indonesian company to issue an invitation letter for you

After your received all the paperwork from us you can apply for you Business Visa in the Embassy of Indonesia in your country.

Documents required by the Indonesian embassy:

  • filled­in application form (you can fill it in in the Embassy;
  • photo 3×4 (4 pcs; taken on red background);
  • travel passport valid for at least 18 months;
  • Telex;
  • official invitation letter from the company (Visa Sponsor)$
  • booking a ticket to Bali;
  • ticket from Bali (for visa);
  • booking a ticket from Bali in 60 days;
  • your bank statement that shows you own at least 2000 – 3000USD (recommended amount);
  • visa fee.

Visa fee of 115 USD is paid in the currency of the country where the Consulate or Embassy is located.

Our Services

Our agency can become your Visa Sponsor and take care of the invitation letter and all the needed documents so you can apply for your Business visa in Indonesian Embassy. We will apply to Immigration office in Jakarta to receive a confirmation for your visa application (TELEX). The paperwork takes at least 2 working days and receiving a TELEX from Immigration office in Jakarta will require another 10 working days.

1. Sponsorship documents from your company – 2 700 000 IDR | ~205 USD
2. Sponsoring documents from our company – 4 000 000 IDR | ~300 USD
3. Express service – 500 000 IDR (3-4 working days) | ~38 USD
4. Express service – 1000 000 IDR (1 working days) | ~76 USD

KEEP IN MIND: You are not allowed to be employed in Indonesia on Business visa. In case you need a working permit for your job in Indonesia you should apply for working KITAS.

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